The Bone Forest

The Bone Forest A collection of eight short stories set in a mystical wood features a snow woman a scientist succumbing to an age old madness roaming demons conjurers working their pagan magic and

  • Title: The Bone Forest
  • Author: Robert Holdstock
  • ISBN: 9780380767816
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of eight short stories set in a mystical wood features a snow woman, a scientist succumbing to an age old madness, roaming demons, conjurers working their pagan magic, and .

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    1. Robert Holdstock

      Robert Paul Holdstock was an English novelist and author who is best known for his works of fantasy literature, predominantly in the fantasy subgenre of mythic fiction.Holdstock s writing was first published in 1968 His science fiction and fantasy works explore philosophical, psychological, anthropological, spiritual, and woodland themes He has received three BSFA awards and won the World Fantasy Award in the category of Best Novel in 1985.Pseudonyms are Chris Carlsen, Robert Faulcon,Robert Black, Steven Eisler and Richard Kirk.


    1. Very good collection, mostly fantasy, yet treading the dark edge of horror, rather than adventure or whimsey Mostly worth it for the title novella and Thorn, but no outright clunkers In detail The Bone Forest This is a prequel novella to Holdstock s Mythago Wood and Lavondyss, I believe It stands alone fine This reminded me of Jonathan Carroll what his writing would be like if he allowed himself to lose himself within the fantasy rather than playing on the dividing line between fantasy and reali [...]

    2. Holdstockovy texty mi von rozkl daj c m se list m, kter se m n na prs , to na v echny smysly t m bez rozd lu, v jeho p b z ch se d t pat i po hmatu, zaposlouchat se do nich a vn mat je ichem Holdstock n m p ekl d v jevy prodchnut syrov m atavismem, kter je fantasticky p ita liv i d siv a z rove v mnoha ohledech odpuzuj c Nedok u ho st v klidu, rozhodn m je t nikdy dn jeho kniha nenechala chladnou Tato sb rka pov dek mo n nen dokonal , ale jako celek je v born postaven a jej jednotlov sti jsou po [...]

    3. Although this book is usually listed as being part of Holdstock s Mythago series, not all the stories collected in The Bone Forest are mythago stories.The opening novella, The Bone Forest , is the most explicitly tied to the series, as its main character is George Huxley, father to Mythago Wood s Stephen and Christian Prequels, it seems to me, rarely work, and The Bone Forest is a prime example of why they don t By telling a story set before an existing one, Holdstock is exploring a situation we [...]

    4. Although I never read this collection of Holdstock s shorter fiction in his Mythago Wood world, I did read the eponymous novella when it appeared inInterzone45, in 1991 I liked The Bone Forest so much that I was moved to write a letter to the editor of the magazine David Pringle , which was published in Interzone 49 Here s a picture of the magazine cover painted by Geoff Taylor in which the novella appeared

    5. Holdstock s work was often brilliantly imaginative in terms of its core ideas stories, but his writing occasionally betrayed his early years as a hack he wrote, among other things, novelisations of the TV series, The Professionals, under the nom de plume, Ken Blake The Bone Forest , a prequel of sorts to Mythago Wood, is a fascinating tale, and it makes good use of the old is it me or my alter ego writing my diary plot device At times though it feels that there is simply too much going on behind [...]

    6. The Bone Forest comprises 8 stories, the title one being a worthy prequel to the main Mythago Wood storyline Most of them add up to the conclusive and well developed, if slightly higgledy piggledy, abutment of the good old saga However, I m fairly certain even now that the story most likely to stick is the inopportune coda, the last fragment sang so obviously out of tune, called The Time Beyond Age One would have to exert one s imaginative powers to full extent in order to spot even the faintest [...]

    7. Although the first story about George Huxley was wonderful, I didn t enjoy the rest of this collection half as much One of my favourite things about the first two books in the series is the way that the stories within the story build on one another and create this fabulous sense of everything being part of some overarching tale from which all the different forms of the types come The ones in The Bone Forest are too disjointed for me, however, and I think they lose a lot of that special connectio [...]

    8. The Bone Forest consists of a novella and short stories, all written with the same feel of Mythago Wood and, in the case of the novella, the Mythago story from the point of view of Steven and Christian s father and his friend.You often feel with many of the short stories that they do link into the Mythogo Cycle in some way, perhaps telling stories from the point of the Mythago All are well imagined and written and of all the stories the one I enjoy the most is The Time of the Tree.

    9. Pr v jsem p e etla tak fantastickou pas , e t knize d v m bez v h n p t hv zd a to jsem na stran edes t est No ty kr so

    10. These stories are infused with deep memories, cruel and beautiful myths, archetypes and tangled, dark landscapes you are swept away in a flow of high emotion and intense sensations

    11. thebookloversboudoir.wordpresThe Bone Forest is nowhere near as good as the other Mythago Wood books, Mythago Wood and Lavondyss I was really disappointed.The only decent stories in this collection are the title piece, The Bone Forest and Scarrowfell Of these, The Bone Forest is the better.The Bone Forest is a novella that serves as a prequal of sorts to the first book, Mythago Wood, looking at the father of Stephen and Christopher, his increasing obsession with Ryhope Wood and how the brothers [...]

    12. The Bone Forest is listed as a sequel to Mythago Wood, but really it s a collection of short stories Each tale is different, but the collection as a whole is haunting, ancient, and like a shadow The stories can be barbaric Others mysterious Others feel so ancient They feel like a collection of another world, a world that once was, and still is, but has been lost to time It s a world that s right there withing our grasp We just need to open ourselves up to it Holdstock s imagination feels unlimit [...]

    13. Uh Short stories Hard to get anywhere near the amount of detail and complexity that I look for when I read something, in a short story.The first one was OK, but not much than that The next three and the sixth were average at best The seventh was odd and nothing The last was actually a bit disturbing The one I liked most was Time of the Tree , but most likely just because it treats the problem of humans destroying the Earth than because of the way it was written.In conclusion, decent for a coll [...]

    14. This is a collection of short stories that fit into the Mythago cycle, though the best story, Thorn, doesn t really Thorn is simply the best short story I have ever read and like many of Holdstock s works plays into the collective unconscious, the ancient and the eerie all to beautiful effect here.

    15. I felt pretty much the same way about this Holdstock collection as I did Gate of Ivory The last story, which doesn t fit in the Mythago universe, was sort of interesting.

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