2 States: The Story of My Marriage

States The Story of My Marriage Love marriages around the world are simple Boy loves girl Girl loves boy They get married In India there are a few steps Boy loves Girl Girl loves Boy Girl s family has to love boy Boy s family has t

  • Title: 2 States: The Story of My Marriage
  • Author: Chetan Bhagat
  • ISBN: 9788129115300
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love marriages around the world are simple Boy loves girl Girl loves boy They get married In India, there are a few steps Boy loves Girl Girl loves Boy Girl s family has to love boy Boy s family has to love girl Girl s Family has to love Boy s Family Boy s family has to love girl s family Girl and Boy still love each other They get married.Welcome to 2 StaLove marriages around the world are simple Boy loves girl Girl loves boy They get married In India, there are a few steps Boy loves Girl Girl loves Boy Girl s family has to love boy Boy s family has to love girl Girl s Family has to love Boy s Family Boy s family has to love girl s family Girl and Boy still love each other They get married.Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish and Ananya They are from two different states of India, deeply in love and want to get married Of course, their parents don t agrees To convert their love story into a love marriage, the couple have a tough battle in front of them For it is easy to fight and rebel, but it is much harder to convince Will they make it From the author of blockbusters Five Point Someone, One Night the Call Center and The 3 Mistakes of My Life, comes another witty tale about inter community marriages in modern india.

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      Chetan Bhagat writes op ed columns for English and Hindi newspapers, including Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar, focusing on youth and issues based on national development Bhagat is also a motivational speaker and has given talks in leading MNCs and other institutions He quit his international investment banking career in 2009, to devote his entire time to writing.In 2008, The New York Times called Bhagat the biggest selling English language novelist in India s history Bhagat, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, is seen as a youth icon than as an author.


    1. Chetan Bhagat, in my opinion, might not have read any good book in his life, except Mills and Boons Now, he might be India s bestselling author, but he can never be a best writer, if he goes on writing this stuff I never see any substance in his writing, no standard If there is any in 5 Point Someone, it has been on the wane since then Though I started reading this book, just to know how not to write, I hate myself for reading his books Should read atleast 10 classics to exonerate myself from th [...]

    2. It was a like a girl in IIT hostel and a boy in the IIT hostel much much like two states What else can you do, Chetan

    3. The book is bad, the movie is not any better Don t watch the movie unless you crave some IIM A nostalgia, but honestly that is a pretty lame excuse too The fancy campus you see in the movie is not the real one, which is much cooler just by not trying so hard.I could write about the stereotypes that drive the weak story line, but as Vigil Idiot says, it is too boring to even comment on Instead take a peep here for North South action review show We really need to stop laughing at these jokes Chet [...]

    4. There is Fiction, then there is Drama and then there is Bollywood well 2 States is definitely not the former 2 being Bollywood end to end At time you think it is a script written for a movie by chance printed as a book Long back when I read Chetan s 5 pt Someone, I liked it, as in it was a fresh perspective touching the educated youth of today it wasn t movie stuff but definitely a piece of my life or those around me Then came One Night at the Call Centre It was ok ok, not so real especially the [...]

    5. I m about 30 pages in and I was having high expectataion on this book warmly recommended to me by some Indian friendes Chetan Bhagat is one of the most beloved Indian authors writing in English, but as everywhere, the best loved isn t always the best literature The characters are unpleasant and boring, the dialogues flat and the situations seem contrived I can t relate to the sense of humour at all and the writing sounds like some chit chat of university students, the narrator being a nerdy litt [...]

    6. There are two types of fiction books written by Indian authors 1 the good ones, and 2 those written by Chetan Bhagat.Chetan Bhagat is the best selling Indian author I don t dispute his mass appeal His books are local, easy to read and relatable But are they good works of literature No Anyway, I don t want to spend this review discussing Bhagat s style, inspiration, appeal etc I ll get straight to 2 States.2 States is classic Bhagat Drama drama drama Abusive father, abused mother, haughty pretty [...]

    7. First Things First.The Moment i Finished reading the 269th page of the Book and closed it All I wanted to do, Is to meet these 2 ppl Krish and Ananya The 2 Characters in the Book to give them a Big salute.All the course of the Book i was looking around to see whether the things said in the book are really happening or its Jus a Book tat im reading.The events, the reactions , the acts are so so real tat at times you feel ur reading ur own Biography.The book is was so grippin right from the word g [...]

    8. This is not a book for the pseudo or otherwise intellectual This is not meant for the hyper sensitive I am hurt by your comments individual Above all, this is most certainly not meant for I am a Punju and I rock or the I am Tam Brahm and we are the best there can be.This is a book for those looking for some entertainment those who can laugh at themselves those who can derive amusement from minor observations made by the author ones who can understand that the author is stretching the truth here [...]

    9. It looks like I m forced to give the book a rating to write a review for it Usually I d ignore the ratings and reviews but I feel obliged to save the world from the pain and agony of reading this book.Why did I read it myself Well I found I had a few hours to kill one day while at a relative s place and the only book there was this one so I went ahead and read it After having read five point someone, my better sense warned me with vehemence to avoid this book like the plague My time would have b [...]

    10. A typical bollywood love story Both the lovers are from different states, hence the title 2 states and their families are very traditional and narrow minded, not to mention stereotypical.It had a lot of humour, though sometimes it felt as if the writer was trying too hard to be funny Also, if you are a south indian and get easily offended, you might not want to read this book Overall it was pretty good and a light read

    11. After hearing my friends all gushing over 3 mistakes of my life, I very apprehensively picked up the book and really didn t understand the whole deal about Chetan Bhagat Hence when I started reading 2 states, I had terribly low expectations but the book suprised me It is sweet,witty and totally filmy It was like watching a Bollywood movie unravel itself right there on the pages The one things I absolutely hate about Bhagat books are the female characters They are way too cliched He writes them a [...]

    12. The mood and the situation we are in while reading certain novels could have a significant influence on how much we like them especially on the ones we complete in one or two sittings Just like how some average movies get stuck in our memory the ones we watched with friends bunking classes or the first movie with the love.Two States is one such novel.

    13. I just completed this one and wanted to write out the review immediately before i start hating it First impression, it s manageable, anyone who has been thru an inter community marriage definitely gets to relate to this story I only say relate not actually like Here are some fine observations 1 Chetan bhagat has this uncanny ability to show love stories with some post processed attitude I mean everyone knows that when in love we are actually all starry eyed, but then when we contemplate it late [...]

    14. Many people will certainly think before reading a Chetan Bhagat novel for sure,but this book is definately a quick read enjoyable too.The plot is basically Punjbi Tamilian warfront.Bollywood masala is the flavour for the book but still enjoyable.Krish Punjabi by birth and Ananya Tamilian both fall fo each other while completing their MBA from IIM A After a no problem love story of two years ,a major problem is to be confronted PARENTS.As we all know for all north indians ,south indians are madra [...]

    15. I don t have anything too good to say about Chetan Bhagat s writing It often reads like someone is trying to be too cool and using English slang to appear hip and young.But this book somehow, despite all the author s usual misgivings, appealed to me I would quite honestly, read it again given a chance It is that cute And the romance I swear, I tingled sometimes Can you imagine Tingling Huh It was a novel experience 5 years back It still is.

    16. Love is a temporary madness However in case of Mr Bhagat it leads to severe psychosis with sprinkles of idiocy The man thinks he is a NOVELIST HELP Where s my fucking Prozac

    17. I think I read some light and easy book after a very long stint of series of heavy and dense books So, the change was welcome This was just another book from Chetan Bhagat in his own free floating prose Somehow, I could feel a connection with the book, owning to my Punjabi background I could strongly and closely relate to routine incidents as in how the miss of ghee in a dal can cause fury, the lavish fat ceremonies, the expectations from children and last but not the least the naming convention [...]

    18. one up for chetan bhagat because humourous books are rare to finde books lacks an interesting story, thought some of the phrases and facts are so true they make you laugh out loud and look like a wierdo who is in the middle of laughing fits.Krish our hero P is such a sweetheart and that s why he is not even close to how boys are in the real world favourite character was krish s mother and ofcourse Pammi aunty the way she has been described makes you rewind and think about people you know who can [...]

    19. In India, its not just sufficient for the boy and the girl to fall in love This book ll tell you that far essential than that is for the girl s family to fall in love with the boy s family The book is hilarious and true to its name It does depict an India which is as divided by states, castes, culture and language barriers as it is united At several places in the novel, the quality of the prose falls to below the level of expectation but I think if the reader can overlook that, the book in itse [...]

    20. Oh, God Where should I even start Let me tell you how I came across this book.Some of my classmates were reading a couple of Chetan s books and told me that they were great Now, I m not sure which ones they referred to, but I hope it isn t this Anyway, I had this ebook for a couple of years and I always read around twenty pages before completely forgetting about it In retrospect, I guess my body was trying to protect me like how sometimes trauma victims don t remember anything about the accident [...]

    21. This book has been on my mind for so long This is one of the most popular authors of India and this is his most popular book I m surprised I haven t read it earlier This was better than I had expected Nowadays his writing has deteriorated too much, but this is a book Chetan Bhagat wrote in his golden days I liked certain aspects of this book The stuff he said about inter caste marriages in India is absolutely true They re frowned upon they re extremely rare And someone who tries to speak out aga [...]

    22. I m pretty proud of myself for finishing this book In a way, I was forced as I read it on the long plane ride home from India There was a lot of potential with this book it is a subject that is extremely relevant in Indian society today The execution, however, was miserable First, there was so little character development, I couldn t understand any of the character s motives Why did he fall in love with this girl what drew him to fight for her The only thing I could understand about her was that [...]

    23. The three mistakes of my life 1 Reading Two states very lately.2 Reading it in a public place I couldn t control my giggling the people around me looked me as if i was mad 3 For not reading it second time.This is the best romantic book I have read til date Its a feel good story One can find a breeze of romance through out the book It also included a slight humor, which might be offensive to some one I have an opinion on Chetan Bhagat after reading his earlier works that his books starts slowly, [...]

    24. I love it Can t wait to watch the movie It s simple yet interesting And hats off to Mr Chetan Bhagat for his wonderful ability to pull many things through a great sarcastic writing style.This is probably my most favorite book written by him

    25. By Chetan Bhagat Grade B I wouldn t have picked up a Chetan Bhagat book had there not been a renovation going on at my home, and 2 States the only book available Helpless, and famished to read something for than two weeks, I squeezed out 2 States from my shelf, where it was as prominent as a pickle in a glass jar, and for some weird reason, seemed easier to take out compared to all the other books lying there.Love marriages around the world are simple Boy loves girl Girl loves boy.They get marr [...]

    26. As far as I remember, I started reading novels from this book And as I m fond of novels and overall reading habit right now, I guess I really liked the book and it triggered my reading appetite After that I read plenty and now, I m not sure if I go again to this story, I ll like it the way I had a few years ago Still I feel this is one of the best romantic stories in Indian context Although a bit exaggerated, it peeps into IIM life, North South rivalry and overall inter state love hurdles A dece [...]

    27. You seriously won t see any quiet family in TN.And NO father would behave like that Yes, parents can say no But, a south Indian father won t behave like that Especially a Brahmin And so much racist comments found in this book And No South Indian girl is loose character They are well educated and like freedom and use it wisely and properly The thing is South Indian Men are good enough to support ther lady and girls

    28. I never intended to read this book based on author s semi autobiographical love story of two persons from different Indian cultures Punjabis Vs Tamilians Though the poster conveying the storyline evoked my anticipation, I m still not sure about reading it.

    29. Just another melodramatic story of Love, Sex Emotions by very same so called IIT IIM chimpanzee Oops I mean champ

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